Are you feeling "activated", like I am?

May this blog post connect with your soul light and inspire you to live the life of your dreams.

January 11, 2021

I have been feeling really activated since the events in Washington D.C. last Wednesday.  It has been very clear to me that the stakes are high.  It is more important than ever to feel empowered, take action, and make sure that our light and our purpose is contributing to the greater good and the collective evolutionary process we are undergoing in humanity at this time.

I believe we are all here for a reason and that it is important that we contribute our unique gifts to the greater whole. 

It seems like we are just one person--, alone,-- and it does not matter what we do.  But the truth is we are powerful creators and co-creators with the Universe.  What we do, how we give back, what we visualize, what we pray for, it all makes a difference.

I believe my soul’s purpose is to help others see, feel, and experience their soul light so that they can feel empowered and get clarity of direction to make an impact, live their best lives ever, have juicy joy, and feel deeply fulfilled.  I believe that by helping others have this soul experience, they will then give their amazing gifts and together we can change the world.  The Moon work (Lunar Alchemy) is a tool to help develop this soul awareness.

Some of the people who read this email are mothers, fathers, healers, teachers, advocates, business owners, coaches, and leaders.  We touch the lives of so many people.  And we are likely the light bearer in our circles and our communities.

If you are feeling activated like I am and called to action right now or this email resonates with you on some level, I invite you to attend our live “Soul-u-tion” community sessions on Monday evenings at 5 pm Arizona time via Zoom.  Please email me if you are interested in joining us at


The Moon is in Capricorn today and is New tomorrow at 10 pm Arizona time.  This is the first New Moon of the New Solar Year, which is a great time to set powerful and meaningful intentions for this year (or recommit to your New Year’s Resolutions!).  It is also the first New Moon since the Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that happened on December 21, 2020, initiating a significant new beginning.

The Moon is New for the bulk of this week.  There is a lot of opportunity to tap into transformation at this time (as the Moon and Sun dance with Pluto).

The Moon goes into Aquarius on Wednesday morning and is there through Thursday. Aquarius calls us to give our unique and individual gifts to humanity.  Aquarius is the sign of humanity, the collective, and our hopes and dreams, but we tap into our Aquarian nature by finding the ways we stand out and are authentic.

The Moon is in Pisces all weekend from Friday to Sunday.  In the Piscean realm we are all one.  If you have a strong Pisces, it's sometimes difficult to know the boundaries in the boundless substance of life.  For Moon in Pisces, I recommend going inward, do self-care, listen to your soul, and cherish yourself.

Warmest wishes and lots of love to you this week.