• Transforming from "Worthless" to Worthy

    Do you feel like money is going out faster than it is coming in?  You are working really hard and even still the ends don't meet?

    I totally get it.  Yesterday, two of my bank accounts overdrafted!  And I have been working my booty off.

    Last night, I heard myself say out loud, "I was worthless today." I was exhausted yesterday from working on my book and launching my new business Sedona Esoteric Experiences, so took the day off and got a massage. But wow!  If I feel worthless and ashamed everytime I rest and relax, no wonder I work seven days a week.

  • Attuning to the Grounding energy of Taurus

    Was the last two months of Eclipse Season fast paced for you? Relentless? Challenging?

    The recent eclipse phase was tough for me, especially starting around my birthday in early March. It brought a lot of stress and challenges, with difficult circumstances and untimely deaths and painful losses, not directly within my immediate family, but within my close circle.