Time to Take Action

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Please help me out!

I am offering a very special Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony on Sunday, November 29 from 1-3 pm MST.  Please help me get the word out by signing up and forwarding this Moon Ceremony to 3 like-minded friends. Sign up here! 

I am putting my heart and soul into making this ceremony fun, meaningful, magical, and special. We are in challenging times and it is time to connect with our tribe and gather the energy and wisdom of the Moon.

This will be an exclusive ceremony to get in alignment with the Eclipse to help us use this heightened energy to give us clarity, balance, and empowerment.

We will also prepare a personal Eclipse Wheel, take time to make it extra juicy, and send it up the blue road of Spirit (via Medicine Wheel prayer) to the spirits, guides, and ancestors to help us.

I am combining everything I learned in over 25 years of energy work, spirituality, and ritual to make the most powerful, juicy and soulful ceremony I ever hosted.

I sincerely hope you will join us for this mystical gathering of the Eclipse . Please sign up here!

Thank you so much for your help, support, and love!!

If you cannot make that time, please sign up anyway and let me know, I will send you the replay link.


We entered the 2nd Quarter Moon on Saturday, November 21, 2020.  When the Moon is between the 2nd Quarter and Full it is time to take action!  In particular supportive actions towards our dreams and goals.

For example, I put “marrying financial responsibility with pleasure abundance” in my New Moon wheel.  Today, I had an appointment with my financial advisor to help me put some savings accounts and retirement funds in place for my business.

If you made a New Moon wheel a week ago, look at it and make a list of simple and small action steps you can take in the direction of your dreams.  And then do these simple action steps!  This works in a two-fold way: 1. You are taking action toward your goals, and therefore, you are making progress on them; 2. You signify to the Universe with your energy and actions that you are ready to receive your goals and dreams and the Universe helps you in kind.  This is an aspect of the Law of Attraction.

2nd Quarter Moon Wheel, take action!Set up your 2nd Quarter Wheel

The 4 images showing you how to make this Quarter Moon Wheel. A. Use the Wheel with the Line down the middle. B. Set it up: date at the top and core desired emotions at the bottom (from bottom to top in the wheel: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) C. On the left side of the line, write your dreams and goals (preferably from your New Moon Wheel). D. On the right side of the line, write your simple, supportive action steps. 4. Take action!  Optional: Decorate your Moon Wheel.

dreams and goals on the left side of the 2nd Quarter Wheelsimple action steps on the right, 2nd Quarter Moon Wheel

Today the Moon is in Pisces.  I am feeling extra watery today.  This is a great day to do soul searching, find some water to play in, and daydream.  If you are preparing a garden for next year, this is a good day to plant bulbs.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Moon is in Aries.  This is an action taking sign.  I am going to be working diligently on my business tasks to get my work done before Thanksgiving.  I have two busy days planned for tomorrow and Wednesday to work on my Moon task list.

Thursday through Saturday, the Moon is in Taurus.  Coincidentally, this is a great energy in which to have a feast.  Taurus also appreciates pampering, so consider adding that to your task list.

On Sunday, the Moon goes into Sagittarius and ramps up to the Full Moon Eclipse on Monday morning.  Sagittarius is one of my favorite signs: it is an expansive, adventurous, truth seeking energy that I find to be very energizing.  Sign up to take the Eclipse Ceremony to make the most of this energy. ;)

Lots of love,