Transforming from "Worthless" to Worthy

Do you feel like money is going out faster than it is coming in?  You are working really hard and even still the ends don't meet?

I totally get it.  Yesterday, two of my bank accounts overdrafted!  And I have been working my booty off.

Last night, I heard myself say out loud, "I was worthless today." I was exhausted yesterday from working on my book and launching my new business Sedona Esoteric Experiences, so took the day off and got a massage. But wow!  If I feel worthless and ashamed everytime I rest and relax, no wonder I work seven days a week.

When you go for your dreams, push yourself to expand, move beyond your comfort zone, resistance and old stinking thinking is going to come up. I've been a workaholic pretty much my whole adult life, constantly putting my health and family as a distant second priority.

A couple months ago, I decided to put my health as a 1st priority, family 2nd, and my business 3rd. This change is definitely an endeavor to feel worthy.  Yet, I often find myself running in circles on the squirrel wheel of hard work. No matter how much I accomplish, I am haunted by the feeling that "I'm not enough".

Yet, I am at the tipping point of changing this pattern...

I know that because I am pushing up against the edge of my comfort zone and boundaries of my probable self.  From experiencing this many times in the past, I have found that if I consciously decide to release these patterns (beliefs, behaviors, emotions, resistance) and keep working toward my dreams, I heal and transform.

One of the practices I have done for many years is that I do a releasing ritual in the Last Quarter of the Moon Cycle.  The Last Quarter begins on Thursday, May 30, 2024. To learn more about this come to my Monday Soul Gardener class, try it out for free, or get my new book Activating Lunar Alchemy.

Recently, however, I came across another amazing tool for bringing your dreams reality and releasing the false beliefs and resistance that might hold you back-- neurographics. Neurographics works on the level of your subcious.  You draw mindful lines that create new neural pathways in your brain.  You draw shapes and colors that speak directly to your psyche. 

"Overcoming my Financial Ceiling," a neurographic drawing I did last week as part of the Wealth Code Course. 

My background is art, psychology, healing, and spirituality. The concept of neurographics helping you to heal and achieve your dreams by giving you a tool to draw new neural pathways and connections made perfect sense to me. You are speaking to the subconscious and literally drawing a new reality for yourself.

In the last 6 weeks since I have been drawing with neurographics, I've seen some powerful changes in my life. I am happier, healthier, and I've had a lot of ideas, enthusiasm, and opportunities open to me. I drew in $5,200 last month and over $14,000 this month as I have practiced this technique.

I know what you are thinking.... How come I have overdrafted bank accounts?  $10,000 went to the house my husband Scott is working on.  The rest went to paying our bills. On a deeper level, these empty accounts reveal to me how I feel about myself, the "I am worthless" thinking.

Personally, I am grateful for this, because I can see clearly now what I think about myself and the emotions coming up around it.  It is difficult to work through something that is limiting you or blindsiding you, if you don't know what it is.  Now that I see it, I can let it go, change my behavior, and choose to allow myself to think and behave differently in the terrain of my self worth.

"Release algorithm", this neurographic drawing represents a release of my anxiety about money.

This is a healing process and I will write a follow-up article to keep you posted on my progress and success.

I know healing, change, and transformation are possible.  I know prosperity and abundance are possible, because my life is a result of profound healing and transformation.  I devoted my life to gathering the tools for healing and transformation and I want to share them with you!

To take the online "Wealth Code" Neurographics course that I am taking right now, click this link: Wealth Code Course.