• Take the Week Off!

    “May this newsletter bring you comfort, meaning, and solace in these chaotic times.” November 16, 2020 I hope this Moon newsletter finds you well....
  • Healing Prayer for Relief from Fear

    "May you have relief form your fears, dear ones.  You are in a time of transition and the direction feels uncertain to you.  You feel afraid of the powers beyond your control and feel deep fear of being victimized by the prevailing authority figures.  You need not be afraid for you are empowered.  Seek your inner strength and your inner light.  You have power over your attitude of the mind, your actions and your reactions.  Trust yourself to know that you have the all answers and the ability to respond to any situation.  Pray to get to know your true power, your divine light, and you will know true security and empowerment."
  • How to Navigate Continuing Uncertainty, Flux, and Turbulence

    I have a weekly channeling session with a friend where we practice channeling for one another.  Last night I asked her to channel an answer to the following question: “what do I do in this time of uncertainty?  It feels like the energy is in flux, the direction is not clear, and there is a general feeling of turbulence.”

    The answer was...