SOUL: Your Soul Path - Moon & Nodal Reading

SOUL: Your Soul Path - Moon & Nodal Reading

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Are you seeking immediate insights to gain clarity and direction on your Soul Path?

I am constantly asking my guidance for clarity, direction and what actions to take in my life.  "What are my next steps? Is this in alignment with my spiritual growth? How can I best give my gifts and value?"

In your natal astrological chart, you have a North and South Node, called the "Nodes of Fate."  These "Nodes of Fate" describe your Soul Path for this lifetime.  The South Node describes where you are coming from, your innate gifts & strengths developed in prior lives.  The North Node describes where you are going to or where the path of greatest spiritual growth and development is for you in this incarnation.

This one-hour reading will focus on your Soul Path, as seen in your natal chart via your North and South nodes, your Sun and Moon signs and how to work with them, your karma & your unique keys to liberation (as seen through Saturn in your chart), as well as discussing your sacred wound and your path to spiritual initiation (as seen in your natal Chiron).

The benefits of a Soul Path Reading include:

  • Gaining clarity and direction for your next steps
  • Drawing insight and confirmation on your spiritual growth, fulfillment, and sense of purpose
  • Acquiring useful instruction on how to work with and transmute your karma into a spiritual blessing
  • Knowing how-to work with your sacred wound and initiate your specific spiritual gifts
  • Receiving an individualized Medicine Wheel prayer and blessing 

I have been studying astrology, healing, the sacred mysteries, and the synergistic relationship of the rhythms Sun and Moon for almost 30 years.  In this session, I combine an astrological reading with intuitive insights to give you valuable knowledge about your Soul Path and how to move forward with grace in your life.  At the end of the reading, I will conduct a sacred Medicine Wheel prayer (as an ordained Reverend) on your behalf to bless you on your journey.

This is an individualized and in-depth 1-1 Zoom session designed to provide you with useful and applicable divination about your soul's instructions for this life. 

    I will send you a Zoom link and record our session so that you can have access to the recording.  Please contact me at to book an appointment.