EMOTIONS: NBP Session (Neuro-Bilateral Processing)

EMOTIONS: NBP Session (Neuro-Bilateral Processing)

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Are you caught on an emotional loop? Do you keep experiencing the same destructive behavioral pattern over and over? Or do you feel stuck in chronic negative self-talk, such as “I am not good enough” or “I feel bad?"

I have worked in mental health, teaching, and healing for 30 years.  What I have found to be true for myself and the people I have worked with is that as we grow and learn we confront limiting beliefs and behaviors that appear to keep us stuck.

For years (I mean like 40 years!) I battled the belief that “I am not good enough”.  This belief deeply affected every area of my life, including my relationships, my finances, my work, and my ability to give back.  For years I longed to become a Reverend and I just did not believe I was good enough to pursue that work. 

In my first marriage, I thought I was bad, I constantly felt bad and sorry, and I did not feel good enough to feel happy or create the happy relationship I longed for.  In terms of money and income, I could barely make a living wage, even though I was working constantly.  In addition, I found that when I did succeed, I was not able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I made some progress on my self-worth (after years of struggling with this belief) last year with my own Soul Gardening work.  Then I was introduced to NBP (Neuro-Bilateral Processing) by Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius.  I received the NBP technique several times to work on my painful memories and early childhood traumas that led me to believe that “I was not good enough.”

My experience is that NBP is fast and effective. Immediately after receiving the technique, I felt better about myself.  After receiving several NBP sessions, I feel increasingly worthy.  I feel happier in my life, more peaceful and content, and I feel like I can really enjoy and deserve the beautiful life I have created for myself.

Learning the NBP technique was an answer to my prayers.  I wanted to be more effective in helping people work through their limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors.  I also could see,-- as an empath and healer,-- that people are often struggling with a traumatic incident and don’t know how to release it.

Applying NBP (Neuro-Bilateral Processing) is a simple and effective solution!

I was amazed at the quick effectiveness of my NBP session. Sydney is an excellent practitioner. She is attentive and caring and helped guide me through the process which really shifted my feelings and outlook in a profound way in regards to the issue I was working on.

-- Scott M.. Sedona, AZ

“How Does NBP Work?

NBP incorporates yogic breathing, visualization, EFT “Tapping”, and EMDR so that the client can relax and be brought down to the subconscious level. Normally, our memories are resolved by the involvement of both the right and left sides of our brain.

However, the memories of highly emotional situations (trauma) get “stuck” in limbic part of the right-side brain (which controls emotions and survival responses and remain subconscious) and they don’t get the benefit of the left-brain’s rational and logical processing functions.

Neuro Bi-lateral Processing (NBP)™ stimulates the different parts of the brain and allows the disturbing, subconscious memory to be processed, and it is finally resolved rationally.”

-- From Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius, Creator of the NBP technique

Please contact me for a complimentary Zoom or in-person session, regarding this NBP work.  You can email me at sydbfrancis@gmail.com or contact me directly at (928)864-7060.

*$90 is my standard hourly rate as a healing practitioner.  However, I operate on a sliding scale.  Please don't let the cost of these sessions inhibit you from getting the support you need.  I am open to working pro bono.

Check out Dr. Michiyo's website and get your FREE Gift here:  https://www.drmichiyoambrosius.com/#meditation-audio