Private "Lunar Alchemy" Session

Private "Lunar Alchemy" Session

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 "Lunar Alchemy: How to Use the Moon's Rhythm to Harvest Your Inner Gold." 

This is a 2-hour LIVE class, including learning how to utilize the 4 main phases of the moon, best practices for Manifesting with the Moon, and a hands-on art session for making your first dream wheel.

The benefits of Lunar Alchemy include:
  • Gain clarity about the direction of your life
  • Get empowered to steer in the direction of dreams
  • Develop a feeling of balance amongst your many obligations (career, kids, relationship, health)
  • "Seed" your big dreams and learn to cultivate them with supportive actions
  • Grow the positive energy in your life with the waxing Moon
  • Decrease the negative energy in your life with the waning Moon
  • Release pain and suffering and limiting beliefs
  • Tap into your ideal unfoldment and divine timing
  • Manifest the life of your dreams and live your purpose

“Lunar Alchemy” can help to find direction, get clear on the path, and gently move forward towards our big dreams (and ultimately towards our true purpose!).  It can also help you grow self-love and transform your painful story into a source of strength and personal power.

Lunar Alchemy uses a simple 4 step process that aligns us with the energy of the Moon Cycle. On the New Moon, we put out there our big dreams and desires (an ancient practice called “seeding your dreams”).  For the First Quarter Moon, we take supportive actions towards our dreams, showing the Universe that we really want our big dreams.  On the Full Moon, we stop and observe what is happening in our life.  Often we witness big shifts or the culmination of an energy at the Full Moon.  And in the Last Quarter, we release what is no longer working for us or that which is no longer in alignment with achieving our dreams.

Due to safety concerns regarding the Coronavirus, I have stopped offering in-person classes.  In its place, I am offering a LIVE version of the "Lunar Alchemy" on Zoom.

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