Happy Winter Solstice!

May this newsletter bring healing light, love, and the promise of joyful new beginnings.

Today we celebrate the Sun!  It is the Winter Solstice, in which the Sun appears to stand still in the Southern sky (for those of use in the Northern Hemisphere).  It is the beginning of Winter and the beginning of a new solar year.

For the last six weeks (starting around Halloween), we have been descending into the Underworld and experiencing the psychic death phase of the year.  However, that is also a time for celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for all that the solar year’s harvest has manifested for us.

Now we are starting anew with 2021’s solar dynamic.  For the next six weeks, starting today tune into the blueprint energy for 2021.  I do this by listening, daily journaling, nature walks, or meditation-- however you tune in.  If you are tapped into the silence and the solitude available in the next six weeks, you will likely hear your soul’s instructions for this next year.

solar curve, 2019, by Liquiterra

Image of the annual solar rhythm with the thirteen Moon cycles (from 2019), by Sydney Francis and Scott Moore

In addition, we are experiencing the Grand Conjunction today of Saturn and Jupiter.  They are coming together to appear as one star today.  The last time we saw this in Aquarius was 800 years ago!  We are beginning a new 20 year cycle today with the conjunction of these planets.  There is a new joyful vision coming in for what you want the next 20 years to be about.  If you don’t know what that is for you, don’t worry.  Take some time in the next month to listen to your higher self.


Although the movement forward is primarily of new beginnings, we are still feeling, experiencing and working with the endings, characterized by this eclipse energy that we are still working within for the next week until the Full Moon.  There are also other astrological aspects that are helping us work with these endings to make way for the new.

The Moon goes into its first quarter this afternoon in Aries.  This is the time of the lunar month to write down and take supportive actions, because the Moon is in a square relationship to the Sun. Go back to the new moon wheel you made last week, look at your dreams and goals, and then write supportive actions that you can take to start making these a reality for you.

It is a busy time with the holidays, etc, so you do not have to do all of those supportive actions this week.  But make the list and start working on them when you can.

Moon in Aries, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  This energy feels very active and wants to take action. Harness it, for these are really the productive days this week.

The Moon goes into Taurus on Christmas Eve and stays there through Christmas day.  This is a good time to celebrate Christmas and experience the abundance of this holiday.  Also make some time for self-care to really show yourself some love and appreciation.

Moon in Gemini. This is a great time to connect with loved ones and your tribe.  Write, talk, teach, and communicate!  

Warmest holiday wishes to you!  Happy Solstice! Joyous Grand Conjunction!  And love and blessings,