Welcome to Soul Gardening...

from the Soul Garden in Sedona, AZ

Are you seeking clarity on what are the next best steps for you to take in your life? Perhaps, you want more clarity of purpose and how best to give your innate gifts.  Yet, you feel stuck grappling with past wounds that keep you from opening up to something more.

Soul Gardening is not for everyone.  It is a mystical practice the takes commitment, consistency, and dedication to get results.  However, used appropriately Soul Gardening can support you to create the life of your dreams and abundance in every area of your life.

If you have decided that you are ready for a transformational change to live your best life-- Soul Gardening is for you!!

Soul Gardening is a mystical practice of attuning to the Solar and Lunar Rhythms using your dreams and intentions to lead you on a spiritual journey of growth. 

The basic soul gardening practice includes a 4 step rhythm in alignment with the Moon Cycle: (1) create a clear map of your dream and desires; (2) take supportive actions to move forward; (3) gather insights for your personal growth; and (4) release limiting beliefs, painful memories, and damaging emotional patterns to liberate you to be more deeply creative and powerful.  Repeat!

Solar Lunar Curves

Following this simple rhythm creates deep and profound healing change and gets you in sync with your etheric energy field.

Some of the other benefits of Soul Gardening include:

  • Develop your intuition to take guidance from your higher self 
  • Gain clarity of what you want in life and how to achieve it
  • Eliminate damaging emotional patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Tap into your heart's desires and then manifest them
  • Live a more joyful and connected life
  • Learn to streamline your time and energy around your core values
  • Be empowered to achieve the life of your dreams
  • Fall deeply in love with yourself
  • Give from your inner treasure and receive the abundance of those blessings
  • Deepen your awareness of the rhythmical nature of life
  • Feel the security of having access to your Higher Self and Divine Guidance

I teach the Soul Gardening practice in a live Zoom class on Mondays at 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern. 

The class includes learning the practices of Soul Gardening, Moon Ceremonies, Solar Holiday Ceremonies, Moon Wheels, Guided Meditations, and Healing Techniques.

Click here to join me for Soul Gardening!