You Are A Divine Expression of the Limitless Light

Energy is all there is and we are beings of the Light!

This website is dedicated to the Limitless Light and teaching people how to connect with their Divine Selves to promote healing, growth, and spiritual awareness.

This is an educational and empowerment community devoted living your soul's true purpose and to developing people's awareness of their spiritual and intuitive gifts, as well as learning how to recognize and utilize the multitude of vibrations and energies available through the human body (such as using the chakra system).

I, Sydney Francis, am a teacher, writer and artist.  I have been studying hands-on healing, channeling, astrology and the Sacred Mysteries for over 25 years. 

At this time, I am sharing "Lunar Alchemy: How to Use the Moon's Rhythm to Harvest Your Inner Gold."  This is a dynamic system to help you get in alignment with your ideal unfoldment and personal growth, by aligning with the Moon cycle. 

I am also working on a class called the "Pluto Process".  This class is about learning to navigate a Pluto transit and how to find the Light, when you are experiencing a "dark night of the soul."

I am also developing a new program on how to use your third eye.  I have used my third eye a lot as an artist in visualizing and excuting art pieces.  In addition, I use my third eye, to connect with the spirit realm through channeling.  And I am working on articulating a process for time and space travel via the third eye.  Stay tuned!

The Lunar Alchemy blog reflects and evolving body of work, based on my learning and teaching as a channel, artist, conduit, and transmuter.