• Why Seek Spiritual Answers to Your Problems?

    I often question whether I need another degree or credential in order to effectively do the healing work that I believe is possible for people.

    Yet, it is no mistake that I have spent almost 30 years working on becoming a Reverend,...

    ....because when I really need help with something significant I turn to God for help.

  • Limiting Story or the Source of Your Superpower?

    The answer is both! As you probably know I have struggled for many years with my dad’s death and the verbal abuse that I grew up in. I suffered fo...
  • Time for a Pattern Interrupt

    Every week, when I sit down to write this newsletter, I make an assessment of where people are at and what the energy feels like on a social-cultural level.  In addition, I consider how the Moon work and the Solar work can help you feel better, feel happier, feel more vibrant, and feel more alive. I believe in timing and divine synchronicity-- the Sun and Moon can tell us a lot about what time it is.
  • Are you feeling "activated", like I am?

    I have been feeling really activated since the events in Washington D.C. last Wednesday.  It has been very clear to me that the stakes are high.  It is more important than ever to feel empowered, take action, and make sure that our light and our purpose is contributing to the greater good and the collective evolutionary process we are undergoing in humanity at this time.

    I believe we are all here for a reason and that it is important that we contribute our unique gifts to the greater whole. 

  • What is on the other side of the pain?

    Over the last few months, I have written a lot about the themes of pain, grief, sadness, limiting stories, and the like.  In that time, I experienced a lot of emotions, old stories, limiting ideas about myself coming up for me and witnessed many of you going through a similar transformative process.  It is my understanding that this energy of flux, transformation, change, and healing is part of this time and part of a larger evolutionary process.

    Today, however, I want to tell you what is on the other side of the pain and address the question, “why are we doing this?”

  • Happy Winter Solstice!

    Today we celebrate the Sun!  It is the Winter Solstice, in which the Sun appears to stand still in the Southern sky (for those of use in the Northern Hemisphere).  It is the beginning of Winter and the beginning of a new solar year.

    For the last six weeks (starting around Halloween), we have been descending into the Underworld and experiencing the psychic death phase of the year.  However, that is also a time for celebrating the harvest and giving thanks for all that the solar year’s harvest has manifested for us.

  • The Soulful Value of Self-Love

    Self of the purposes of this Lunar Alchemy work in aligning with the Moon is to build and develop self-love.  As challenging childhood memories, triggers of our programs, or limiting self beliefs surface, I invite you to greet them with self-love.  

    Self-love is a gateway to the soul’s expression through your heart.

  • Keep Going

    The message from the divine this week is, “keep going.”  Keep going with pursuing your dreams; keep going in seeking your growth; keep going with your pursuit of your heart’s desires.

    I talked to several of the readers of this newsletter last week and I heard that last week was challenging.  A lot of childhood stories were triggered, a lot of emotion came up, a lot of limiting self-beliefs came to the surface, which brought up painful emotion and hard realizations.

  • Next 2 Weeks has a Strong Releasing Vibe

    The next 2 weeks has a "releasing feel" for several reasons.  First, the Moon is waning, which is an ideal time for releasing and letting go.  Second, the Sun is in a releasing position in the Northern Hemisphere as we end this year's solar dynamic between now and the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020.  Third, for this Eclipse the Sun is on the South Node which indicates a release of something or the completion of something.
  • Time to Take Action

    We entered the 2nd Quarter Moon on Saturday, November 21, 2020.  When the Moon is between the 2nd Quarter and Full it is time to take action!  In particular supportive actions towards our dreams and goals.

    For example, I put “marrying financial responsibility with pleasure abundance” in my New Moon wheel.  Today, I had an appointment with my financial advisor to help me put some savings accounts and retirement funds in place for my business.

  • Take the Week Off!

    “May this newsletter bring you comfort, meaning, and solace in these chaotic times.” November 16, 2020 I hope this Moon newsletter finds you well....
  • Healing Prayer for Relief from Fear

    "May you have relief form your fears, dear ones.  You are in a time of transition and the direction feels uncertain to you.  You feel afraid of the powers beyond your control and feel deep fear of being victimized by the prevailing authority figures.  You need not be afraid for you are empowered.  Seek your inner strength and your inner light.  You have power over your attitude of the mind, your actions and your reactions.  Trust yourself to know that you have the all answers and the ability to respond to any situation.  Pray to get to know your true power, your divine light, and you will know true security and empowerment."