My Story

I remember experiencing the spirit realm as a young child.  I could see spirits, like ghosts and other energies.  I also could hear the hum of nature-- the chord of the earth's energy.  And I was facinated with God, going to church and learning about God's Divine Omnipotence.  I loved singing in church and feeling the energy of oneness in the community.

I had a couple childhood trauma's which blocked me from my intuitive gifts. My dad died suddenly from brain cancer when I was 10.  Shortly before that I turned off my channeling and intuition, because I could see his pain and I feared his death and the visions I had about it.  I also had other fears from seeing ghosts and spirits.

At 20 years old a couple months after graduating from college, I had a significant car accident as a result of being "out of my body" from a situation where I was sexually harrased by my boss.  This incident triggered a deep feeling of victimization brought on by being raped at 16 and at 18.

After this accident, I surrendered, prayed and listened.  I reconnected with God and my higher self and started seeking answers to my pain and suffering.  This was when I started studying to be a priest healer by learning energy healing, mediumship, the Sacred Medicine Wheel, and the Sacred Egyptian Mysteries from Reverend Rosalyn L. Bruyere, author Wheels of Light and founder of the Healing Light Center Church in Sierra Madre, CA.

I earned my MFA-IA in 2001 and have been a teacher for the past 20 years, focussed primarily on teaching art and creativity.  I have an art business with Scott Moore called Liquiterra.  Click here to go to  But I have also worked for many years in mental health with severly mentally ill teens and done social justice work for Children with Incarcerated Parents in Coconino County.Sydney Francis working on the Century Plant drawinga. 

For the past 3 years, I have been also teaching a system I developed called "Lunar Alchemy: How to Use the Moon's Rhythm to Harvest Your Inner Gold."  Lunar Alchemy is a system that ultimately teaches you how use your silver and gold chakras for self-healing, to live your soul's true purpose, and to cultivate self-love by transforming your childhood programming into a source of strength and meaning.

April Full Moon in Taurus, Lunaversary, Full Moon painting by Sydney Francis

In January 2020, I heard in a prayer that I was being "called to service" in my spiritual work .  I started practicing channeling (a technique I had learned at mediumship school from Reverend Bruyere) with a hands-on healing colleague.  In these sessions, I was told to clarify and expand the work I had done with the synergy between the Sun and the Moon cycles and work with the gold and silver chakras respectively.  I spent the Spring writing the manuscript Lunar Alchemy.  For the past several months, I have been focussed on putting Lunar Alchemy into a more accessible digital format of a downloadable video series.  Click here to learn more about Lunar Alchemy.

In October, I started praying to live and give my Divine Purpose.  That day, I received an unexpected and unplanned healing from Anna Stauffenberg.  She has worked remotely on healing the blocks and limiting beliefs that I had obstructing me from giving my Divine Purpose.  A week later, she activated my primary spiritual gift in weather and technology. 

As an artist, mystic, and spiritual leader for almost 30 years, one of my purpose's is to teach you how to create on multiple planes of your being using light and accessing multiple vibrations.  I am also dedicated to helping you reveal your soul's true purpose, so that you may give and receive generously from the Limitless Light.

This website will reflect and evolving body of work. 

May you be awakened to the Limitless Light within you!