Healing Prayer for Relief from Fear

November 13, 2020

"May you have relief form your fears, dear ones.  You are in a time of transition and the direction feels uncertain to you.  You feel afraid of the powers beyond your control and feel deep fear of being victimized by the prevailing authority figures.  You need not be afraid for you are empowered.  Seek your inner strength and your inner light.  You have power over your attitude of the mind, your actions and your reactions.  Trust yourself to know that you have the all answers and the ability to respond to any situation.  Pray to get to know your true power, your divine light, and you will know true security and empowerment."

-- channeled prayer from my spiritual council

energy healing painting, transmutation painting, fear transmuted into power

This is a transmutation painting of fear of victimization and fear of uncertainty.  The energy of fear is transmuted into personal power and trusting one's self. By Sydney Francis, November 13, 2020

I have been victimized and been afraid of my authority figures.  I was raped twice as a teen by older men.  I was sexually harrassed by a boss at 20.  I have spent 30 years learning about my story, my history, my trauma, and my programming in order to heal from this belief of vicitimization.  I have worked on healing myself through studying psychology, hands-on healing, spiritual work, and leadership work. 

This year, my business was closed do to the pandemic and I lost all my financial security-- my jobs, my sales avenues, my livelihood.  It feels like I have been in spiritual boot camp, working on having faith and also building trust and confidence in myself.  For many months this year, I did not have enough income to pay my rent or my bills.  I have had to turn to faith, over and over, again.

I have prayed every day this year.  Many of my prayers pointed me to my fears.  I had a fear of uncertainty, a fear of the future, a fear of poverty, a fear of scarcity, and a deep fear of running out of food.  What I have learned is those fears (for the most part) are fears of a future that has not happened, yet.  I have learned to be present and to rely on the moment.  At this moment, I am safe, I have enough food, I have roof over my head, my utilities are turned on, I have water, and I have myself and my unlimited resourcefullness.  In addition, my children are safe and their needs are met.

As a result of this spiritual boot camp, I found, embedded in the present, the vast power within.  I sincerely pray for your relief from suffering and fear. May you also know they true power within you which is divinely inspired by the Limitless Light.

With love and compassion, Sydney