Keep Going

May this newsletter spark the inner light to bring you love, joy, inner peace, solace, and faith.

Monday, December 7, 2020
The message from the divine this week is, “keep going.”  Keep going with pursuing your dreams; keep going in seeking your growth; keep going with your pursuit of your heart’s desires.

I talked to several of the readers of this newsletter last week and I heard that last week was challenging.  A lot of childhood stories were triggered, a lot of emotion came up, a lot of limiting self-beliefs came to the surface, which brought up painful emotion and hard realizations.

But then equally, many of these people found a place of inner peace or they received an answer to their prayers or they experienced a miracle in their lives.  This felt like a reminder that “life is for us.”

Yesterday, I was walking in the forest and had a divinely synchronous encounter with a friend whose work with “the self-consciousness” is very similar to mine.  We both felt that this was a divinely inspired and timely encounter.  We sat in the sun and talked about individuation, self-awareness, and waking up to our own inner divinity-- the piece of the divine that we express through our authentic nature.

This friend had been having a really hard time over the last 3 weeks.  However, the struggle gave birth to a manuscript that he had been working on and developing for 30 years!

At the end of our conversation, he looked to the sky and put up his hands and said, “okay, I’ll keep going.”  I repeated after him, “I’ll keep going.”  In that moment, I knew that the conversation and inspiration shared was a call to keep moving forward with my dreams.

There are plenty of challenges going on around us.  If the pain and suffering touched your life last week, embrace it’s wisdom, let go, rest, and then keep going.

This week both the Sun and the Moon tell us it is time to release and let go.  The Moon is entering its last quarter today, guiding us gently to release.  The Sun has 2 weeks left in its solar journey for this year, also nudging us to release and let go.

New beginnings are on the horizon.  The first one is next Monday with the New Moon Solar Eclipse.  The next big one is on the Winter Solstice, December 21st this year, with the actual solstice and also the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the sky.   

Participants of the Lunar Eclipse Ceremony loved their experiences and asked for a Winter Solstice Event!  I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a live Zoom event, “Rebirth-- Celebrating the Winter Solstice/Grand Conjunction”, on December 21, 2020 from 5-7 pm Mountain Time.  I will give background on this rebirth and transformative turning point, as well as giving a guided visualization to connect with your soul.  The Sol stands still at the solstice, we will take time to honor and listen to what the Soul is communicating to us. Click here to save your spot!


The Moon this week enters its last quarter in the sign of Virgo. The Moon is getting smaller (waning) as it moves toward the New Moon Eclipse on Monday.  Virgo is a sign of hard work and giving service.  Monday and Tuesday are great days to put in the work.

On Tuesday afternoon the Moon goes into Libra and stays there until Thursday evening. Libra favors beauty, relationships, and balance and calls us to connect through partnership and relationships.

The Moon is in Scorpio on Thursday night through Saturday evening. In my experience, Scorpio’s see beyond the veil.  They have a sharp eye for the truth that is hidden under the pretence.  The Scopionic energy often pushes us to go deeper beyond the superficial or to work with our inner shadow.  I recommend embracing the teaching of this intensity to ultimately cultivate more grace and self-love.

Finally, at the end of the week, the Moon moves into Sagittarius to prepare for Monday’s Solar Eclipse.  Sagittarius is also a truth seeker and aspires for a higher spiritual truth.  Take this energy to search for your inner truth and to let go of dogma, rigidity, and self-righteousness.

I send so much love to you! You probably don’t know that I think a lot about the readers of this Moon email and what they are experiencing.  You are always in my prayers!  I send you love, joy, sweetness, and tenderness.

Warmest wishes,


PS: You can see Jupiter and Saturn getting closer together just after sunset.  Look to the southwest to see these two bright bodies on their approach.  It has been 800 years since we have seen these to come together and appear to form one big star in this way!