Next 2 Weeks has a Strong Releasing Vibe

I hope this Moonday newsletter finds you safe, healthy, warm, and happy.
We had a great Lunar Eclipse Ceremony yesterday.  We had a transformative prayer and did a special Moon Wheel devoted to the Lunar Eclipse.  It was a lot of fun and we had a wonderful turn out of amazing women! Click here to get the replay link.
The Moon is Full today.  We had a Lunar Eclipse at 2:30 am here in Arizona.  The Moon sure is beautiful and bright tonight. 
This Eclipse is about releasing and letting go.  Are you having a lot of emotion come up?  I was so energized by my ceremony yesterday that I did not notice it.  Today I am feeling emotional. 
Today is a good time to do a Full Moon Wheel.  On this wheel, you observe what is happening in your life.  Tune in for the full moon insights.  This Lunar Eclipse wants to show us stuff.

The next 2 weeks has a "releasing feel" for several reasons.  First, the Moon is waning, which is an ideal time for releasing and letting go.  Second, the Sun is in a releasing position in the Northern Hemisphere as we end this year's solar dynamic between now and the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020.  Third, for this Eclipse the Sun is on the South Node which indicates a release of something or the completion of something.
I am going to do my Full Moon wheel with this releasing in mind.  It is an optimal time to let go, for good, old habits, behaviors, old stories, old patterns, or any old stuff that doesn't suit the new life you are working to bring in.
Today the Full Moon is in Gemini.  This is a great time to consider both sides of a situation, discussion, or disagreement.  It is also great for storytelling.
On Tuesday the Moon goes into Cancer and stays there through Thursday.  Moon in Cancer is wonderful for nurturing yourself and others.  Schedule in some self-care.
On Friday, the Moon goes into Leo, which I hope is creative and energizing.  I'd like to make some art that day.  On Saturday the Moon is in Leo until 2:38 pm PT.  If you are working wrap it up by the afternoon and relax.
On Sunday midday at 11:46 am PT the Moon goes into Virgo.  This is a perfect time to make a list or plan out the following week.