Time for a Pattern Interrupt

Happy Monday!

Every week, when I sit down to write this blog post, I make an assessment of where people are at and what the energy feels like on a social-cultural level.  In addition, I consider how the Moon work and the Solar work can help you feel better, feel happier, feel more vibrant, and feel more alive. I believe in timing and divine synchronicity-- the Sun and Moon can tell us a lot about what time it is.

This past few weeks, I have observed that many people are feeling a sense of inertia from the prolonged stress and anxiety of 2020.  It sort of feels like a form of depression in that there is a feeling of dullness and lack of enthusiasm.  There is a continuing sense of just being in limbo and waiting for life to restart again.  As well as not knowing what to do in order to break out of this feeling of inertia.

One antidote to this feeling of inertia is to make a tiny shift in your behaviors or habits.  Lee Harris, Energy Intuitive, suggests a pattern interrupt. Interrupt your routine by adding something new or changing something up.

One of the pattern interrupts that I added recently is getting up and writing 2 pages in my gratitude journal right after I wake up in the morning, instead of going to the kitchen and reading the New York Times while I make my coffee.  For me, this pattern interrupt has been significant in helping me align my focus on the positive, rather than delving into the stress provoking world of the news and politics first thing in the morning.

If you can shift your energy just a little, it will open the way to create the movement for increasing amounts of energy to come through.

I noticed this past week that the Sun was up noticeably later in the evening. It is mid-February.  I am feeling the gentle effects of the longer days and increasing light.  There is only about one more month of winter!  In terms of the solar cycle and ancient solar practices, this is a great time to cleanse or purify (think Lent starting on Wednesday).  It is also a great time to plan and prepare for your 2021 garden, be it literal or symbolic.

This week the Moon is waxing.  We just had a New Moon last week on Thursday.  And now if you look for the Moon just after sunset you will see the waxing crescent rising in the night sky.  

This is the perfect time, in both the solar and lunar cycles, to implement a new habit or behavior or create a pattern interrupt.  I added the gratitude journaling and I am also making some tweaks to my diet in order to feel more radiant and healthy.

The first Quarter Moon Cycle culminates on Friday at 10:47 am Pacific time. Take the small action steps and make the pattern interrupts!

If you are starting flowers for your garden, Wednesday and Thursday (2/17 and 2/18) are great days to seed your annuals while the Moon is in Taurus.  Otherwise wait until Monday or Tuesday (2/22 and 2/23) to seed your new growth when the Moon is in Cancer.

I sincerely hope that you have a fantastic week filled with joy, connection, love, peace, and abundance.

Warmest Wishes,