Why Seek Spiritual Answers to Your Problems?

I often question whether I need another degree or credential in order to effectively do the healing work that I believe is possible for people.

Yet, it is no mistake that I have spent almost 30 years working on becoming a Reverend,...

....because when I really need help with something significant I turn to God for help.

When I was 20 years old, I got in a pretty serious car accident, in which I drove off a cliff into the Colorado River.  This accident happened in the following hours after an incident of sexual harrasment from my supervisor.

The sexual harrasment incident was the last straw for me.  I had previously been raped a number of times, sexually assaulted, and sexually harrased over a course of a couple years.

In addition, I really struggled to fight for and speak up for myself, as I had been "silenced" and deeply shamed as a child by a ragaholic and narcissistic mother.  My go-to response was fawning.  

When I got in this car accident, I felt that my life was hopelessly out-of-control.

Miraculously, I only suffered minor injuries and whiplash from this accident.  And with the angelic help of a tireless auto-mechanic, I was able to drive away from this accident the following day.

As I passed back by the scene of the accident, I was stuck by a flood of emotion from the accident and all that had happened leading up to the accident.  I began to sob and had to pull over in order to regain myself.

At that moment, on the side of the road in the middle of the desert, I remember asking for God's help.  I physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually surrendered to God.

And I felt a Presence, perhaps an Angelic presence, with me, speaking to me, soothing me, consoling me.  The Angelic presence conveyed to me that it would all be okay and that there were answers to my needs and suffering.

This moment marked a significant turning point for me.  I knew that with Spiritual Guidance,-- God's help,-- I could figure out any solution to any problem.

Today, as an ordanined minister, I pray daily for myself and others.  I have attuned myself to hearing God's guidance and feeling God's presence in my daily life.

However, that was not always the case.  For years, I tried to control and manipulate in order to create solutions to my problems, out of fear, scarcity, and uncertainty.  It has been an ongoing practice for me to replace fear with Faith.

Here are a few key concepts I have learned over the years in turning to God for help:

  • God's solution is always bigger, better and juicer 
  • Surrendering to God relieves you of the burdens you are carrying
  • Prayer can be a form of asking or listening for answers
  • Spend time getting quiet (daily, if possible) within and listen for your Higher Self or God's answers
  • A spiritual answer moves you towards healing, wholeness, and integration
  • Your Soul craves growth and God wants to partner with you in this process
  • Getting in the present with yourself allows you access the power of Presence

Lol.  When I read this back to myself, it sounds like a sermon.  However, my intent is to encourage you to surrender and seek God's help as a wholistic solution to your problems and suffering. God is bigger and vaster than your intellect.  Therefore, seek God's help in problem solving for your life.