SOUL: Your Soul Path - Moon & Nodal Reading

SOUL: Your Soul Path - Moon & Nodal Reading

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Are you seeking immediate insights to gain clarity and direction?

I have been studying the relationship of the rhythms Sun and Moon, and how it relates to spiritual growth for over 20 years.

This reading will focus on your Soul Path, as seen in your North and South nodes in their natal signs and houses, as well as on the current transiting Sun, Moon, and nodes.

In this short 1-1 Zoom session, 45 minutes, I will help you define clarity and focus on where you are at now and where you are going.  

You will gain insight into the following:

  • your Soul Path and direction
  • where to focus your energy in the short term
  • areas of focus for your Moon Rituals
  • your "Granddaddy" Power Period

I will send you a Zoom link and record our session so that you can have access to the recording.  Please contact me at to book an appointment.